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Is tow service really crucial? You may need a towing truck to take your car home or garage if it breaks down due to any issue or can’t be driven. In the past, many drivers use to pull other vehicles themselves with another vehicle but for certain reasons it is not recommended. There are many reasons that may go wrong and create problems in the mid of your way for you and the person driving another car. Thus, Towing Canoga Park is so valuable for the people that don’t have any choice when an accident occurs on or off the ramp of the freeway.


If you car breaks down the safest way is to call roadside assistance representative to send a dependable towing service and get your vehicle out from the road and eliminates hassle. What happens if your keys get locked in the car and don’t have a spare key? You call Towing Canoga Park to send its professional technician to unlock the vehicle for you. We have towing friends in the city that are called Canoga Park Towing. Give them a call if we are busy.

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We offer the following services:

Canoga Park Towing service– Wheel Lift
– Towing in Canoga Park
– Short and Long Distance Tow
– Medium and Heavy Duty Tow
– Woodland Hills Motorcycle Tow
– Roadside Assistance 24/7
– Winch out service
– Jump Start
– Changing the Battery
Towing Van Nuys
– Fuel Delivery

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Towing Canoga ParkOne of the best things about Tow truck Services in Canoga Park  is that we are open 24 hours a day, and we work full seven days a week. We have two teams of dispatch that control the office and help our dedicated driver into their next successful tow. We work with the biggest names of insurance companies like: Geico, State farm, Allstate, Agero. Why pulling another vehicle is not a good idea? The first reason is that if you hook up the other vehicle with strong chains, still vehicle may lose. In case this happens, it can veer off the road and hit a tree or embankment causing some damage.


Even worse it could be trailed in the opposite direction and hit another car coming from behind. Another important reason of calling Towing Canoga Park is important because you may cause damage to the back end of the car while pulling the vehicle and front end may hit another car. It is very hard to keep two vehicles going on the same speed and may crash into the pulling one.

Canoga park towing service

towing canoga parkThe pulling one. Moreover handling the steer of broken car is also difficult because towing vehicle is at few meters and you may suddenly pop in the towed vehicle itself. If the engine of the tow vehicle is not larger than the one being towed may bring risk of putting too much strain and cause slipping or engine blow. There are some areas, where pulling a car with another one except actual tow truck is illegal. It is one of the dangerous practice and can lead another driver in jeopardy.


If you are in this area, there is a risk of being ticketed and costs lots of money which will be much more than a call tow service would cost. That’s why you should call Towing Canoga Park to get your car towed the right way.

Tow truck service in Canoga CA | (818)495-0176

towing canoga parkIt is important to call Towing Canoga Park at (818)495-0176 because it is safe and protects your vehicle. You need not worry about above listed things because tow truck companies are experienced and hold all essential equipment’s required to get their job done in fast and efficient manner.


Moreover, you can enjoy the feeling of peace of mind as the tow truck service will solve a lot of problems when you’re  stranded on the roadside. If you need Tow truck Services in Canoga Park and have no one to call to? You’ve landed to the right place. Our lines are open 24 hours a day for any Tow services or Roadside Assistance needed at any time of the day. We are Towing Canoga Park

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